Born on July 18 in 1970, William McIntosh is an advertising designer, commercial writer, and a producer of events, music and recently feature films. He is a founding partner of Bluemango, one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in Haiti; and WoW, a company holding the largest network of outdoor advertising structures. He is also a partner of Haiti Biz, a sister company specialized in digital printing. William studied at the university of SUNY Buffalo where he earned a degree in General Arts, with a specialization in graphic art. After his studies, he worked for the graphic department of Yellow Pages in New York, Lady Foot Locker and Goldman Sachs. In 2002, with his first wife Valerie Estimé, he founded Blue Mango Graphics. BMG is at first a studio of creativity. Soon, the company creates ad campaigns for agencies and large Haitian companies such as HaiTel, Comme il Faut, National, Café Rébo, to name a few. From 2003 to 2004, the political turmoil in Haiti fragmented the young company counting only 5 employees then, including the partners. In 2005, despite the departure of his partner for the U.S., William decides to stay in Haiti. He teams up with Sylvie Castera, graphic designer and owner of 3W Studios and they launch together Bluemango Studios. Sealing the contract for the launch of Digicel, BMS is quickly propelled forward on the advertising scene in Haiti. Hans Remy, another dynamic entrepreneur joins the firm and the he trio forms Haiti Biz, then WOW. Later on, William joins Muska Group as a partner; a Haitian leading company specialized in audiovisual production. With Muska, William wins several international awards for best commercial for "Café Rebo". Today, William embarks on movie production with his first film Kidnapping Inc. planned for the big screens in summer 2015. In winter 2014, Muska will open the largest audiovisual production studio in Haiti that will focus in the production of TV shows, sitcoms and studio rental location.