Born on July 9th 1983 in Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Gilbert Mirambeau Jr. is a young scriptwriter, writer, novelist and a playwright. After his high school at St-Louis de Gonzague, he moved to Montreal to study marketing at University of Montreal. During his studies, he worked for the Québec Health Insurance for two years, then six years for Bell Canada. Fond of words, Gilbert wrote several unpublished short stories that we can find on his blog, plays and a novel. After a good decade cultivating his love for film in Montreal, his visual style led him inevitably to scriptwriting. In 2012, Gilbert decides to return to Haiti to give back and fulfill his dream: make movies. After a year of freelancing, Gilbert is hired as the main writer and a producer of Muska Group, a leading audiovisual production company. There, he meets its founder Bruno Mourral, a director with years of experience in directing and producing commercials. Later, he meets Samuel André, an actor, writer, and scriptwriter who joins the team. Sharing a common dream, they create Muska Films in 2015 with the main objective to develop and produce heartfelt films to bring change and inspire. Gilbert is currently working on producing his first short film in October 2015 entitled Day One, and in 2016, his first feature film entitled Kidnapping Inc., which he co-wrote with Samuel and Bruno. Today, Gilbert is the main writer of Lakou Kajou, a TV series destined to children in Haiti, and hopes to develop the entertainment industry with the Muska team.