Born in Haiti on May 9th 1981, Gaëthan Chancy is a commercial and music producer. He is the co-founder and CEO of MUSKA GROUP, a top audiovisual production firm based in Haiti, offering services ranging from commercials, documentary, audio services, television show production and movie production.  After completing high school in Haiti, he went to France where he earned an Economic and Social Administration degree from the University of Bordeaux (2003) followed by an MBA from the Business School of Bordeaux (Kedge Business School today), with a concentration in Finance (2005). Upon graduation, Gaëthan spent two years in France working for a major commercial bank and then in sales of fine vintage wine. Then, he returned to Port-au-Prince in July 2007 to launch MUSKA GROUP with his business partner, Bruno Mourral. In 2010, Bruno, Gaëthan and a few partners launched MUSKA SOUNDZ, an audio production studio to expand Muska's audio services. In Fall 2014, MUSKA GROUP will inaugurate the largest audiovisual production studio in Haiti, which will introduce live studio audience and production. Today, Gaëthan is focusing producing movies, TV shows and artists through Muska records that he will launch in September 2014.